Mitsubishi Digital Printers

Mitsubishi Print Media Guide

Aventric Technologies has put together this Mitsubishi Print Media Guide for your convenience. Feel free to print it off and keep a copy at your desk.

Mitsubishi CP-900DW

MITSUBISHI CP-900DW Digital Color Printer The Mitsubishi CP-900DW is a high resolution, high speed digital color printer designed for image-critical medical applications. The Mitsubishi CP-900DW uses a new straight paper path that simplifies the paper feed mechanism. The Mitsubishi CP-900DW can print an S-size picture in just 12 seconds for immediate medical diagnostics. The Mitsubishi .. read more

Mitsubishi CP-30DW

MITSUBISHI CP-30DW Digital Color Printer Mitsubishi’s CP-30DW is a digital color printer that combines high resolution, high speed printing with an innovative, space-saving design that is ideally suited to support the frontline of today’s image-critical medical applications. An astonishing 423 dpi and new head control engine combine to deliver vivid, smear-free gradation output, which results .. read more

Mitsubishi P-95DW

MITSUBISHI P-95DW Monochrome Printer The Mitsubishi P-95DW is a high quality, quick and compact digital monochrome printer with worldwide compatibility for medical applications. User-friendly controls with simple, analog-like operation are conveniently located on the front panel so there is no need to open the printer driver. The printer even includes a rotary knob that enables .. read more