Sony Digital Printers

Sony UP-DR80MD

Medical Grade Full Page Digital Printer that attaches via USB 2.0. When using the UPCR81 Paper, will have full HD resolution images in just 72 seconds

Sony UP-D25MD

The Sony UP-D25MD Digital Color Printer is the ideal choice for ultrasound, cardiology and endoscopy applications. The compact high-speed medical device delivers excellent quality, 423 dpi resolution prints in less than 20 seconds and easily integrates into any medical cart with its slim 8-3/8” form factor. The UP-D25MD printer’s convenient front-panel design offers user-friendly menus, .. read more

Sony-Olympus Print Media Guide

Aventric Technologies has put together this Sony and Olympus Print Media Guide for your convenience. Feel free to print it off and keep a copy at your desk.

Sony UP-D55MD

Sony UP-D55MD Digital A5 Color Printer The UP-D55MD Digital A5 Printer successfully combines high quality with fast output to produce exceptional A5 color images in approximately 20 seconds. The printer’s new compact design allows for easy integration into medical systems or connection to a laptop or PC in an office environment. The UP-D55MD is the .. read more

Sony UP-D897

Sony UP-D897 Digital A6 Black & White Printer The Sony UP-D897 thermal printer is the ideal choice for digital ultrasound systems. The monochrome black and white printer incorporate a USB 2.0 for easy integration to digital ultrasound systems. The UP-D897 printer packs a powerful set of features in a small package. The chassis is extremely .. read more

Sony UP-D75MD

SONY UP-D75MD Digital Color Printer (replaced by the UP-D77MD) The Sony UP-D75MD is a Medical grade color, 8×10-inch digital dye sublimation printer that offers high-quality photo prints. With a high resolution of 300 dpi combined with an easy to use interface, the Sony UP-D75MD is the ideal choice for surgical or radiology applications that do .. read more

Sony UP-D77MD

SONY UP-D77MD DICOM Color Printer The UP-D77MD is a full page digital color printer designed specifically for nuclear medicine, PET/CT and 3D-CT applications where accurate color reproduction is essential. An integrated digital DICOM interface enables this reliable dye sublimation printer to be connected directly to DICOM imaging systems or to any DICOM network. The combination .. read more

Sony UP-D74XRD

SONY UP-D74XRD  8X10 Digital Film Imager The UP-D74XRD is a low cost, 8×10″ diagnostic thermal black and white digital film and paper imager with both DICOM and USB interfaces. It is designed specifically for use with medical diagnostic imaging systems, such as ultrasound, mobile c-arm, and X-ray. Built-in DICOM and USB interface allow for use .. read more

Sony UP-55MD/HD

UP-55MD/HD High Definition A5 Color Video Printer with USB Digital Capture Capability Incorporating the same trusted design and functions of the popular UP-55MD, the UP-55MD/HD includes the added capability of accepting 1080i or 720p HD video signals and producing prints with full HD resolution in a widescreen aspect ratio. For added flexibility, the UP-55MD/HD also .. read more

Sony UP-D72XR

SONY UP-D72XR  8×10 Digital Film Imager The UP-D72XR is a compact, high speed, black and white digital film imager designed for use with diagnostic imaging systems, such as mobile c-arm units, ultrasound systems and cardiac cath labs. Supporting both 8×10 inch Blue Thermal Film and Thermal Printing Paper, this high resolution printer offers photo-like film .. read more