Sony UP-20 Series

Sony UP-20 Series Test Print

To check the print quality and printer operation– Perform a print test: Turn off printer. Simultaneously:  hold down the TRANSPORT LOCK button and turn the printer ON. Continue to hold down TRANSPORT LOCK button until printer beeps (5-10 seconds). Release  the button. Then press the TRANSPORT LOCK button again to print.   For Tech Support Call .. read more

Sony UP-20 Series-Use Correct Paper/Ribbon

UPC-21L makes a LARGE size print: 5 3/4” x 3 9/10” UPC-21S makes a SMALL size print: 3 1/2” x 3 9/10” Each print pack is entirely DIFFERENT and CANNOT be intermingled.   Each print pack has a ribbon that houses 3 sensor chips on the bottom.  To identify the correct ribbon and paper:   .. read more

Sony UP-20 Series Lock Down Head

When shipping a Sony UP-20 Series printer, be sure to lock down the print head.  Instructions on how to lock the head down are on the top of the printer.   Please call 1-800-228-3343 for assistance