Sony UP-51MD / Olympus OEP-3

Sony UP-51MD / Olympus OEP-3 Input Mismatch Error

          Check the setting on NTSC/PAL selector on the rear panel.  (NTSC is the correct setting) To change the setting:   TURN THE PRINTER OFF. Set the selector to NTSC, then turn the printer ON.   If this does not solve your problem, Please call 1-800-228-3343 for assistance

Sony UP-51MD / Olympus OEP-3 Reducing Paper Jams

Be sure the end user is using the correct ribbon and paper that is designed specifically for these two printers. The Sony UPC-510 paper is identified by the words ‘PRINT PAPER’ in bluish-green.  The ribbon is identified by the pink spools on one end and white spools on the other end.  To use any other .. read more

Sony UP-51MD / Olympus OEP-3 No CVP

No CVP indicates No Color Video Printer. Check the BAUD Rate.

Sony UP-51MD / Olympus OEP-3 Lock Down Head

            When shipping a Sony UP-51MD or Olympus OEP-3, please be sure to lock down the print head. Instructions on how to lock the head down are on the top of the printer. Please call 1-800-228-3343 for assistance