Sony UP-55MD / Olympus OEP-4

Sony UP-55MD / Olympus OEP-4 Print Quality

    To check the print quality and printer operation perform a print test:   Hold down the LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons while turning ON the printer. Release all buttons and follow the instructions on the LCD screen to complete the test. The print out will be a black and white test pattern.  Look .. read more

Sony UP-55MD/HD / Olympus OEP-4 Differences between them

Differences between the SONY UP-55MD and the SONY UP-55MD/HD  click here and Differences between the SONY UP-55MD/HD and the OlympusOEP-4  click here

Sony UP-55MD / Olympus OEP-4 Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset: Power off the printer Press and hold the STOP, CAPTURE and PRINT buttons simultaneously, then turn the power on When INITIALIZE appears on the display, release the buttons   If this does not solve your problem, Please call 1-800-228-3343 for assistance

Sony UP-55MD / Olympus OEP-4 No Image or Poor Image on Print

Turn the printer off, wait a moment, then turn the printer back on. If the printer is hooked up correctly, you will see SONY flash across the screen

Sony UP-55MD / Olympus OEP-4 Removing Paper Jams

These printers have a bottom door. When jams do occur, turn the printer off, disconnect it, turn it over and remove the screw holding a bottom door. Carefully take out the jammed paper and replace the door and screw. Reconnect and turn on. If you cannot reach the jammed paper, contact our technical support at .. read more

Sony UP-55MD / Olympus OEP-4 Paper Jams

Check paper tray for damage, also be sure the paper has not warped, or has static in it. If there is static, either take paper out and fan the paper and re-insert them into the paper tray, or open another print pack, fan the paper and place inside the paper tray. You should also check .. read more