Sony LMD-1950MD/HD

SONY LMD-1950MD/HD Surgical 19 inch LCD

This Sony LMD-1950MD/HD includes a BKM-243HS high definition serial digital interface card. The card is pre-installed in the option slot of the monitor. This interface includes a two channel input and one channel output. The card can accept an SDI signal as well and can automatically detect HDSDI or SDI signals.

The Sony LMD-1950MD/HD is equipped with a range of interfaces as standard, allowing users to view images from multiple sources. It can accept analogue or digital video signals, including high definition signals, as well as PC signals.

The Sony LMD-1950MD/HD has been designed without air vents to prevent foreign matter from entering or exiting the unit, and since the unit complies with VESA mounting standards, it can be mounted on a surgical mount-arm, making it ideal for use in operating theatres.

  • 19 inch Surgical Monitor with pre-installed BKM243HS board
  • SXGA Monitor 1280×1024
  • Displays 700+ TV Lines of horizontal resolution
  • 24 Volt DC Power Supply
  • Designed for use in medical operating theaters

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