Sony LMD-2450MD

SONY LMD-2450MD Medical Grade 24 inch LCD

Sony introduces an exceptional High Definition 24 inch medical monitor – the Sony LMD-2450MD. This monitor incorporates a superb-quality WUXGA (1920 x 1200) panel, delivering extremely high levels of brightness and high-contrast images to the surgical theater. In addition, the Sony LMD-2450MD accepts almost any SD and HD video signal in both analog and digital, allowing doctors to view images from multiple sources. For accurate image reproduction, the Sony LMD-2450MD incorporates advanced Sony ChromaTRU color processing technology, providing consistent color images across multiple monitors.

What’s more, the Sony LMD-2450MD complies with the 100mm VESA mounting standard so it can be attached to a surgical mount arm, making it ideal for use in operating theaters. With other convenient features such as Flexible Display Modes, Selectable Gamma Curves, and a Key-inhibit function, the Sony LMD-2450MD is an ideal choice for surgical endoscopy applications.

  • High Definition 24 inch medical LCD monitor
  • Excellent Brightness and Contrast
  • Surperb-Quality WUXGA (1920 x 1200) panel
  • Natural Gradation and Accurate Color Reproduction (10-Bit DSP)
  • 100-mm VESA mounting standard, Optional SU-560 Monitor Stand shown left

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