Mitsubishi CP-31W

MITSUBISHI CP-31W Analog Color Printer

Mitsubishi’s CP-31W has taken medical imaging to a new level. Equipped with high-performance DSP engine and a 423 dpi thermal head, the Mitsubishi CP-31W provides optimum print quality with vivid, smear-free gradation. It is also exceptionally fast – 16 seconds for S -size and 25 seconds for L- size output. The CP-31W is equipped with a selection of gamma curves to handle ultrasonic diagnosis systems, endoscopes and other sophisticated medical instruments, simplifying user gamma curve fine-tuning and color adjustment.

For application versatility, the Mitsubishi CP-31W enables you to chose between multi-prints split into 2 or 4 frames. The printer features a “hasslefree” all-front access design including automatic loading for ribbon cartridge replacement, an internal wide-mouth paper catcher, and built-in lighting to track print status which is especially useful when working in dimly lit or dark areas. Whatever your medical requirement, Mitsubishi’s CP-31W delivers both quality and convenience.

With 423 dpi high resolution and a new adaptive thermal head management control engine, the CP-31W provides vivid, smear-free gradation images. Brilliant reproduction of white letters against black backgrounds is also achieved.

  • High speed output –- 16 seconds for S-size prints
  • Equipped with high-performance DSP engine and 423 dpi thermal head
  • Economical print capacity of 200 prints for S size, 130 prints for L size
  • Vivid, smear-free gradation
  • Large capacity 32MB memory engineered to handle 8-frame memory
  • Multi-print function for application versatility
  • Media Options: CK30S, CK30L, CK30S4P, CK30L4P

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