Sony UP-990AD

SONY UP-990AD Analog and Digital B/W Printer

The Sony UP-990AD is a unique hybrid black and white graphic printer that supports both analog and digital applications. This dual compatibility is especially critical as imaging systems make the transition from analog to digital technology. Replacing the popular Sony UP-980, the full-page Sony UP-990AD offers improved resolution of 325 dpi and faster print speed of approximately 8 seconds. The Sony UP-990AD’s optional blue transparency media produces high quality film-like transparencies. These and other printer features make the Sony UP-990AD ideal for medical blank and white applications such as ultrasound, moble c-arm, and cardic cath lab.

  • Hybrid model accepting analog and digital signals
  • Improved resolution of 325 dpi
  • Front panel LCDs
  • User-friendly brightness and contrast controls
  • 3 Medias available: UPP-210HD, UPP-210SE, or UPT-210BL

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