Mitsubishi HS MD3000U-2P

The MD-3000 Medical Videocassette Recorder incorporates advanced digital technologies for superior image quality in real time, and exceptional ease of operation. The S-VHS ET function ensures 400 lines of razor-sharp resolution on a standard VHS videocassette tape. The MD-3000 is designed specifically for image-critical medical applications and delivers digitally enhanced high quality recordings. It incorporates a wide range of advanced features such as a jog/shuttle dial for easy programming; built-in digital TBC (time base corrector) which eliminates jitter, skew and color blurring during playback; 3-D digital noise reduction (DNR); 3-D digital Y/C separation; digital frame memory (field/frame selectable); and a rotary erase head which ensures a cleaner start after recording pause. A RS-232C/USB board and 34-pin parallel interface board are also available as options.

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