Repair Services

Aventric Technologies is known for Quality Repairs performed by an Experienced Team of Technicians on many makes and models of:

  • Medical  Video Equipment (Printers, Recorders, Monitors)
  • Infusion Pumps (Pole Mount, Ambulatory)
  • Cardiology Equipment (EKG Machines, Stress Systems, Holters)

Loaners are available for many medical printers and recorders.

  • Quality Repairs: Our experienced Service Team has been providing repair solutions to hospitals, diagnostic and surgical centers, clinics, and doctors offices for the past 20 years.
  • Loaner Equipment:  We have many models of medical printer and recorder loaners.
  • Repair Estimates:  We will provide you with an itemized repair estimate on your repair so you can review what was found, what needs to be replaced, cost of each part, and cost of labor.
  • Shipping Box Kits or Empty Loaner Cases:  If you do not have a solid box for shipping your medical printer or recorder to Aventric, call 1-800-228-3343 for information about our  Shipping Box Kits or Empty Loaner Cases.
  • When Repair Cost is Expensive: If the cost of a repair is more than half of the original cost of the unit, we will offer alternatives for you to consider.

Call 1-800-228-3343, ext 234 for assistance