Repairs and Warranties

Experienced Technicians

OEM-Quality repairs by IPC Certified Technicians with an accumulated 22 years of experience on medical equipment.

Repair Warranties

  • All Monitors– 1 year on original problem found
  • Modules, Printers, Video Recorders, Light Sources, Cameras, Fetal Heart Monitors, EKG Machines - 90 day parts and labor on the original problem found

Warranty void when warranty labels are broken, cut or removed, or if evidence of user abuse or user error is shown

OEM Parts used on Repairs and when Refurbishing Equipment

When repairing or refurbishing, new OEM replacement parts are installed.   If parts are no longer available, we select used parts that are in the highest working order.

Requesting a Repair Work Order

Call Aventric Technologies at 1-800-228-3343 ext. 231 or click here for a Repair Request and click send.  We will email back a completed Work Order the same day.  Simply put a copy of the emailed Work Order in the box with your equipment and ship to our repair center.

No Purchase Order is required when a repair request is made, unless loaner equipment is requested (see below).  Simply put a copy of the Work Order in with your repair and ship it to our repair center.  The serial number will always become both the RMA and Work

We Repair Most Makes and Models of

  • Patient Monitors
  • Medical Monitors
  • Modules
  • Printers
  • Video Recorders
  • Light Sources
  • Cameras
  • Fetal Heart Monitors
  • EKG Machines

Loaner Equipment

Many makes and models of the Olympus, Stryker and Sony loaner printers are available upon request.

There is no charge for the use of our loaner during a repair (customer is responsible for the freight, but can use their own UPS or Fed Ex Account Number if preferred). A purchase order is required before the loaner printer can be shipped.   If a repair or replacement equipment is refused, there is an $85.00 fee (plus freight) for the use of our loaner during the evaluation time.

Free Evaluations

There is no charge for an evaluation.

Repair Estimates

We email you the repair estimate with a breakdown of what was found, parts to be replaced and cost of the repair within 3-5 business days of receiving the equipment.  We do not proceed with a repair without your approval and a Purchase Order (if one has not yet been given)

Repair Time Turnaround

Once a repair estimate is approved, a Purchase Order will be required (if one has not be provided) before a repair begins.  We typically ship the repaired and tested equipment out within 3-5 working days after the estimate is approved and a Purchase Order is received.  If any part is backordered, we will provide an ETA of both part and repair.

Repair Exchanges / Repair Upgrades

We offer our customers the option of a Repair Exchange or a Repair Upgrade if the cost of the repair is 50% or more of the value of the replacing the equipment.  Customers may also choose to bypass the repair for a Repair Exchange or Repair Upgrade.


Customer is responsible for all Loaner, Box Kits and Repair Return shipping cost.  You are welcome to use your own UPS or Fed Ex Account Number instead.

Shipping Box Kits

If you have a small department or office and have no room to save boxes or if you do not have an adequate box / internal packaging to properly protect your equipment during shipping, we offer Shipping Box Kits. Our Shipping Box Kits consists of:

  • 1 Pre-assembled 24 x 24 x12 double walled box* (Edge Crush Test 48 lbs / in, Size Limit 95”, Gross Weight 100 lbs)
  • 4 sheets of new large bubble wrap large enough to wrap around the equipment
  • 1 large bag of measured Styrofoam peanuts to allow floating of the equipment
  • 1 zip lock bag containing: instruction how to float equipment, 4 “Caution” labels for the outside the box and a label with our Repair Center’s address on it

We only ask that you pay $17.00 for the raw materials plus shipping, which can be rolled into the repair cost.  If you prefer, we can use your Fed Ex / UPS Account Number instead for shipping

* Shipping Box Kits are within both UPS and Fed Ex Guidelines as posted on their websites for the size, weight and packaging requirements for the Olympus, Stryker, Sony and Mitsubishi printers,  recorders, light sources and up to 21” monitors.  Box Kits are shipped via ground to customer unless otherwise specified.  


We offer Net 30 with Open Accounts.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.   For more information, to set up a repair or for technical support, contact Maryann Gilbert at 800-228-3343 ext. 231 or email

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