Signal Management

Image Processing System

Take command of video signals in the OR.  The variety of imaging equipment that is present in today’s medical environments also means that video signal formats can vary greatly.  Multiple devices may generate multiple types of output.

Wireless Transmitter and Receive

60 GHz wireless HD transmitter/receiver providing an easy and flexible solution to wireless communications.  This system supports HD video, 1080p/60Hz, plus new 3D video formats generated by HDMI 1.4a.  Both CEC and non-CEC enabled devices are compatible with this system.

Universal Medical Grade Signal Converter

Universal converter that accepts video input signals as DVI, VGA and S-Video then converts the signal for output as a DVI.  It enables devices without DVI output to be connected easily to digital display devices, which as surgical LCD monitors in an operating room environment.

Signal Conditioner

Signal conditioner and scaler for single link DVI to HDMI conversion.  It shapes and synchronizes a video signal up or down, in order to make the signal compatible with wireless transmission.