Avoiding Shipping Damage

Avoiding Shipping Damage

Lock Down Heads

When shipping Sony or Olympus Printers out, be sure that you lock down the head to prevent damage to the head during shipping

Box Kits and Cases for Shipping

Aventric Technologies offers both Shipping Box Kits and Hard Molded Plastic Cases with Foam inserts for medical printers or recorders to arrive safely.

Shipping Box Kits

Shipping Box Kits are double-walled 24X24X12 boxes designed for the size and weight of the Sony and Olympus printers. Inside each box is a large bag of high quality Styrofoam peanuts and 5-4′ sections of high quality bubble wrap, along with directions for wrapping for optimum safety. These kits were approved by both UPS and Fed Ex shipping.

Call 1-800-228-3343 to order

Insuring Your Equipment

We encourage every hospital to insure, with their shipper, the replacement cost of the equipment sent.Should an accident happen during shipping, you can open a claim to receive compensation. If your hospital does not allow for insurance on shipping you can still make a claim and receive a minimum of $100.00

Please call 1-800-228-3343 for assistance